Rivera Hot Springs

This exotic and renowned Tourist Center is located in Rivera, known as the Green Municipality of Huila. The Rivera Hot Springs are characterized in a wonderful medicinal natural resource, thanks to the qualities of the water that emerge directly from the earth's core with factors that act in rheumatic, cardiovascular, arteriosclerosis, metabolic processes, the muscular system and joints. Its temperature becomes a magnificent sedative and relaxant, ideal to combat the stress and rhythm of today's life. It is a source of non-sulfur hot springs, but with a high mineral content, located in the Municipality of Rivera. Three different options are offered touristically, a site with a stone pool in a natural environment, constructions and adaptations respecting the natural space, causing the least negative impact on the place, the atmosphere is calm and restful.

Termales de Riviera, Hotel Neiva Plaza

Riviera Hot Springs

The waters are blue and transparent due to their high mineral load, which contrasts with the green of the forests and gardens and can be felt sprouting from the rocks and the sand floor of the pool. A recreational center with multiple installed services, a hot spring pool, a cold water pool, a slide, a restaurant and cabins for lodging, preserves some gardens. It is easy to see where the water comes from, the flow is important and its temperature is very high.

The Las Termales de Rivera Tourist Center is located 27 kilometers south of the city of Neiva and 4 kilometers from the municipality of Rivera (, 2017).

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