San Agustin Archeological park

It is an ideal place to enjoy the most beautiful diversity of natural landscape, surrounded by mountain valleys, rivers and immense rocks, inhabited by an ancient culture that is still a mystery, and which has been characterized by its magical and sacred charm, where you can experience the best of adventures.

It is the largest archaeological testimony in the country. There are lithic sculptures from the Augustinian culture, and it has terraced paths, monolithic sarcophagi, dolmens, the Fuente de Lavapatas, the Alto de Lavapatas, the Forest of Statues and the Archaeological Museum.

This archaeological site is divided into six areas connected by stone paths, surrounded by vegetation. It has an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius.

Other sites of interest in the park are the Alto de las Guacas, the site of Mortiño, the Tablon, the Chaquira, and the Ball. During your visit you must have a minimum of four hours to appreciate 130 statues, megalithic tombs, artificial mounds, temples and ceremonial centers of the Augustinian culture, exposed and duly classified in the plateaus called A, B, C and D.

San Agustín, Neiva Plaza Hotel

San Agustin

The San Agustín Archaeological Park is located in the department of Huila, in the vicinity of the municipalities of San Agustín and Isnos, but the archaeological remains extend to Saladoblanco and Pitalito framed in an area characterized by great geographic and environmental diversity.

Among the archaeological remains, we can highlight the large statues and stone reliefs, funerary mounds, temples, terraces, roads and embankments. To get to the San Agustín Archaeological Park and the Alto de los Ídolos Archaeological Park, you must take the Bogotá - Neiva (420 km.), Neiva - Pitalito (175 km.) And Pitalito - San Agustín (38 km.) Routes. The trip by land lasts approximately 10 hours on a fully paved and perfectly delimited road (, 2017).

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